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Information about the projects being undertaken by the Public Works and Engineering Departments will be posted here. For the most up to date information, contact City Hall.

New Lift Station Project

In the summer and fall of 2020, the City will be building a new sewage lift station at the corner of 7th Avenue and 7th Street East, to replace and upgrade the 1950's lift station at the corner of 7th Avenue and 3rd Street East. This upgrade will allow the lift station to handle an increased capacity. Moving locations will also allow for more properties east of 3rd Street East to receive full sewer servicing in the future if they so desire. Because the lift station is being moved, the sewer main will also need to be re-laid to reverse its direction on 7th Avenue from 3rd Street East to its new location at 7th Street East.

This project is planned to be undertaken from June through September 2020 and will impact the residents of 7th Avenue East between 3rd Street and 7th Street East. Construction equipment will be present in the area throughout the summer.

More information about the project is available in this notice.


Annual Watermain Flushing Maintenance

Starting July 8 and for roughly two weeks, we will be flushing the water system starting on the south-west area of the City. This process will create very discolored water as built up sediment is removed from the water lines. Residents should be aware of the following:

  • Avoid doing laundry while your street is being flushed, as this process can cause laundry staining
  • Avoid using water while flushing is happening in your area, as this can draw the debris filled water into your hot water tank and lines in your house
  • Once flushing is done in your area, run a cold water tap until the line runs clear. If your water hasn't cleared after 10 minutes, contact City Hall with your address so we can follow up.
  • Flushing may cause temporary drops in water pressure. Minimizing water use where possible will help with pressure throughout the water system.
This work is done as part of our regular maintenance plan for our water lines, with a target of 1/3 of the water system per year.    
A map of the planned work area is available here. Daily work locations will be posted online and through our Voyent alerting system. 
For more information on this work, contact City Hall or the Public Works Department.