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Annual Dog Tag Auction

Do You Have Meadow Lake's #1 Dog?

The City of Meadow Lake runs an annual dog tag silent auction where the proceeds are given to the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society. Each year bidding runs throughout all of December. You may bid as often as you would like.

The winner is announced on the first day City Hall is open in each New Year, where payment is collected and the tag is presented to the winner.

How to Bid

When bidding is open, simply submit your bids using the form below! Sign up for Voyent Alert! notifications to get updates on the highest bid.


  1. The reserve bid for the auction is $25.00.
    1. If you own a dog that has been declared high risk or declared dangerous by a court order your bid must be a minimum of $100.00.
  2. The auction is open to anyone bidding for a dog living in Meadow Lake.
  3. You can bid as many times a day as you'd like.
  4. Bids must increase by a minimum of $5.00 from the previous bid.
  5. The City will post on Voyent Alert the amount of the highest bid weekly.
  6. During the day the receptionist may not be able to provide an up-to-the-minute highest bid, please watch Voyent Alert!  for the updated highest bid. 
  7. The #1 dog tag will be presented to the winner on the first day City Hall is open each new year.
  8. Prior to awarding the #1 dog tag, the City will require all information on the dog being registered as set out in the Dog Bylaw 9/2019. 
  9. Any dispute over the process will be decided by the City Manager and their decision will be final.


2024's #1 Dog was Sadie!

Sadie donated $55.00 to the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society!
Sadie was adopted from the MLDHS in July of 2019. She is smart, affectionate and very energetic. She is 5 years old and her favourite things are playing with her sister Pepper, cheese, sunbathing and cuddling under soft blankets.

2023's #1 Dog was Luna Pie Ophelia Huber!

Luna donated $150.00 to the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society!

Luna, was adopted from the Regina Humane Society in April of 2014. She is a sassy, silly and fun loving girl who adores her family. She isn't fond of strangers and takes quite awhile to warm up to new people. We believe she is about 11 years old now, but that doesn't stop her from hearing every little noise and investigating with her barks. If you live on Fournier you've probably heard her bark at the wind.

 Likes: Cheese, squeaky toys, car rides, her grandparents Michelle & Terry, her Uncle's (Joel, Zac & Elliot), her mom (Bronwyn), her cat brother (Tommy) sometimes, barking at nothing, Stephanie her groomer/petsitter  

 Dislikes: Global warming, poverty, pollution, having wet paws, student debt

2022's #1 Dog was Duchess Tinkerbelle Ballantyne!

Tinkerbelle donated $320.00 to the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society!

Duchess Tinkerbelle is 16 years old, she is loved and adored by her parents/owners Brian & Deborah Ballantyne. Tinkerbelle was born in a puppy mill & abandoned as a puppy at a Calgary vet because of severe health issues. She was rescued by a volunteer/foster from the Calgary SPCA just moments before being euthanized. Tinkerbelle was fostered in Calgary and later transferred to a Rescue/Foster in Manitoba and adopted by Brian and Deborah in May of 2007. 

Tinkerbelle is full of personality, and she loves dressing up and modelling for her friends on Facebook. Tinkerbelle has been entertaining her fans on Facebook since 2010. She is known to be an advocate for shelters & rescue animals, being one herself. Tinkerbelle is very proud and happy about her donation to the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society all thanks her dad for securing that bid and title for her. 

Tinkerbelle's hope is that all animals someday will have a "furever" home just like hers