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Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaws are tools used by City Council to authorize and regulate different activities within the community. The purpose of bylaws are to ensure the city and community are healthy, safe and well governed.
If you have a question or concern regarding one of the City's bylaws, please use the communication form below to submit your comments to the Bylaw Enforcement Department. PLEASE NOTE: All complaints are treated as confidential. We may need to contact you to obtain additional information regarding your submission. However, due to privacy concerns, we will be unable to provide you details regarding the enforcement of a complaint beyond letting you know that the complaint has been followed up on.
The goal of the Bylaw Department is to resolve as many issues as possible through informal channels. This may involve speaking to the individual in violation of a bylaw and issuing a warning or requesting a change in behavior. We encourage residents to attempt to speak to their neighbors about their concerns before proceeding to a bylaw complaint, but we recognize that this is not always possible. If needed, the City may issue tickets or further orders to correct a situation.
To read the most frequently referenced bylaws, visit our City Bylaws Database. To request a bylaw not already available online, please contact City Hall or Request Records.