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Skunk Trap Permits

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Skunk Traps

The City will loan out our skunk traps to property owners and residents within City limits, subject to their Skunk Trap Permit Application being approved. Traps will be issued in the order of requests and availability.


  1. The City will strive to have at least six traps available, replacing traps and obtaining more as needed to meet demand.
  2. The City will make every effort to review and notify you of the approval/denial of your application within 2 (two) business days of receipt.
  3. The City will notify you as soon as is reasonably possible if there is a delay in processing your application. 
  4. If your application is approved but placed on the waiting list, you will be informed of your place on the list and an approximate waiting time. 
  5. Skunk traps will be available for issue during regular working hours at City Hall, Monday-Friday (from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm), not including on weekends or statutory holidays, providing the projected temperature is not below -10C or above 30C.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the City's Skunk Traps Policy #700-07-001 before proceeding with your application. While there is a brief summary below of the owner/occupant responsibilities, we recommend reading through all of the terms and conditions listed in the policy. Near the end of the form there is a checkbox that is required to be clicked stating your agreement with the terms and conditions of the policy.


The Owner/Occupant must: 

  1. Place the skunk trap only on their property, which is within the City of Meadow Lake as specified on the permit application; 
  2. Personally be responsible to check the trap every 12 hours while the trap is set; 
  3. In the event that the trap catches a cat, release the cat from the trap as soon as it is noticed; 
  4. Humanely remove the skunk from the City of Meadow Lake within 12 hours of the skunk being caught in the trap. If relocating the skunk, it must be driven at least 15 kilometers out of the city before it is released. Owners/Occupants may contact a rescue organization such as Healing Haven Wildlife Rescue for assistance with wildlife rescue. 
  5. Agree not to use a trap when the temperature falls below -10C or rises above 30C; 
  6. Allow any Peace Officer or animal control officer to enter the property the trap has been issued to, to ensure the trap is being used properly; 
  7. Thoroughly clean the trap before it is returned to City Hall (subject to a $150 cleaning charge if not thoroughly cleaned); 
  8. Be responsible for the trap which includes the cost of repair or replacement if the trap is damaged, lost or stolen; 
  9. After it is issued, the trap must be returned to the City of Meadow Lake within 7 (seven) business days by 3:00 pm on the 7th (seventh) day. If an extension is needed, an extension of up to another 7 (seven) days may be requested and granted in writing. Depending on the demand for traps at the time, there is no guarantee that an extension will be able to be granted. 
  10. Report to City Hall if the trap was successful in capturing a skunk;


The City may agree to bait, set and handle a trap on the request of a permit applicant subject to staff availability, and subject to the conditions listed in Section 5 of the City's Skunk Traps Policy #700-07-001. The applicant will need to provide sufficient justification (i.e. physical limitations, etc.) as to why they are unable to manage the trap themselves. Fees may apply for the provision of this service, if selecting this service you will receive a quote prior to fees being charged.

Please read the City's Skunk Traps Policy #700-07-001 before proceeding with the application form below.