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Facility Projects and Upgrades

Information about recreational facility projects will be posted here.

Updated: December 6, 2022

Recreation & Civic Centre (Arena):

We have received official grant approval and are moving forward with this once in a generation project. User groups and stakeholder groups have been engaged and discussions on what the community needs and wants from this new facility are taking place. We are deep into preparing the scope of work with our consultants and are at about 50% with creating the new facility's requirements, room adjacencies, etc. We have also issued an open public Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to prequalify Design-Build companies which closes in December. The city issues tenders like this one on The City will choose a select few companies based on criteria like experience, qualifications, etc. and those select few will be asked to bid on the Design-Build of the project. We hope to issue the RFP (request for proposals) to those selected companies this winter so that we have potentially have shovels in the ground in the Summer of 2023.  

The Advisory Committee (made up of consultants, professionals in different fields, representatives from both our city Council and neighboring communities, and staff) will be reviewing the prepared scope of work and taking part in a Risk Mitigation workshop later in November. This will help make sure we are as prepared as we possibly can be for what sorts of roadblocks and challenges we might encounter along the way. 

The goal of the project is substantial completion by fall/winter of 2024 (at least for the main arena portion). 

2023 Aquatic Centre Upgrades

The city works hard to continue to maintain the Aquatic Centre so that it is not only a comfortable environment for staff and users, but so that it will continue to last well into the future.

Capital upgrades for the 2023 year are planned to address issues regarding excessive heat in the summertime. 

An expense is considered a Capital expense if it is known that it will extend the life expectancy of a facility and meets a certain threshold in dollar value.

The pie chart shows the capital expenses planned for the Aquatic Centre in 2023. 

  • New Slide (2022): Due to supply issues and provincial health requirements some of the 2022 work for installing the new pool slide has had to be pushed into 2023. 
  • Sunshade: This will add sunshades to help decrease the heat that pours through the windows in the pool area.
  • Automated Controller Replacement: The automated unit that controls the temperature needs to be replaced.
  • Air Conditioner: There are two units for this facility, Unit A is being replaced in 2023. 

Skate Park

The skatepark will be completed with the ramps/equipment installed in the spring of 2023. Recreation Manager Regan Beck is still on the hunt for more donors and sponsors! For more information or to donate or sponsor the project contact Rec Manager, Regan Beck at

Walking Path

Our path project continues with the preparation of wayfinding signage. All of the lights, benches and garbage cans are on order currently set to arrive on schedule. With some savings found in other areas of the project we were able to increase the planned lighting over the original 10 lights. 

Recreation Manager Regan Beck is still on the hunt for more donors and sponsors! For more information or to donate or sponsor the project contact Rec Manager, Regan Beck at

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Walking Path - Final Approved Route

The photo below depicts the final route the path will take. For more information and details on the chosen route, please review the overview document "Walking Path - Final Path Route" for zoomed in details of each section with written explanations.