Commissioner of Oaths

Commissioner for Oaths

The City of Meadow Lake has a Commissioner for Oaths available to residents of Meadow Lake. The service is free of charge during office hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 Availability may vary so please call the City Hall (306) 236 3622 in advance to confirm.


Please read carefully below if a Commissioner for Oaths is what you need:

Commissioner of Oaths:

  • are not permitted to commission consent letters for minors traveling abroad.
  • is not a Notary Public.
  • is unable to provide legal advice or direction on how to complete paperwork.
  • cannot provide residents with certified true copies. Although your paperwork may say that a Commissioner for Oaths can provide you with a certified copy, in Saskatchewan they cannot. You may wish to inquire at a lawyer’s office to see if this is a service they provide.
  • cannot commission ANY passport documentation.
  • is unable to commission forms dealing with waiving rights under the Homestead Act.
  • is unable to commission forms that do not contain an oath or jurat.
  • is only for the documents to be used within the Province of Saskatchewan. If your paperwork is not being filed or used within the Province of Saskatchewan, you will need to see a Notary Public or a Federal Commissioner for Oaths – even if your paperwork states that a Commissioner for Oath can administer the Oath.

How to Prepare for Commissioning your Document(s):

  • Have all your paperwork completed.
  • Be prepared to sign all documentation in the presence of the Commissioner for Oaths at the time the Oath is given. The Commissioner for Oaths may refuse to administer the Oath, if it is not signed in their presence.
  • Bring any exhibits for your paperwork, if required.
  • If your paperwork requires a witness to your signature, your witness must be present with you at City Hall to complete the Affidavit of Execution. If the Affidavit of Execution stipulates that the witness must personally know you, please ensure the witness is someone who is acquainted with you.
  • A Commissioner for Oaths is not the same as a witness.