Animal Control

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There are two bylaws that regulate animals within the City: the Animal Control Bylaw and the Dog Bylaw.The Dog Bylaw requires that all dogs within city limits be licensed on an annual basis and sets penalties for dog related offences. The City does not have a bylaw requiring cats to be licensed.
If a dog is found running at large in the community, it will be brought to the animal shelter and impounded. If it has a dog license, we will attempt to contact the owner through the contact information provided. The impound fees, including a daily boarding fee, must be paid before the dog will be released. If a dog is left for three business days without being claimed, it becomes the property of the shelter and may be adopted out.
The animal shelter is run by the volunteers of the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society. As it is a volunteer run organization, they do not have regular public hours. If you believe your dog may have been impounded at the shelter, please contact City Hall and we will make arrangements for someone to meet you there.
To report an animal in distress, please contact the provincial Animal Protection Services office.
The City does not provide pest control services. Pest control services are available through local commercial operations.