Emergency Preparedness Week


Celebrate with us!   May 2 - 8 2021  

In case of disaster... Everyone needs to be self-sufficient for at least 3 days (72 hours).  Are you prepared?

During Emergency Preparedness Week, 15 different posters will be hidden at locations around Meadow Lake.  Find a poster, and play the game!

  • Each poster has a link to an online contest form
  • Winners will be drawn daily (great prizes, sourced from local businesses!)
  • Clues to poster locations will be released daily on Voyent-Alert!
  • Winners will be announced on Voyent-Alert!

Have a look at some of our awesome prizes!

Congratulations to "Kevint", CJack, CToews", "Jackeit", "Alyssa Radtke", "Jimbob", "cldt05" - our Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday winners!

Many thanks to local businesses for their generous support

To play, you need Voyent-Alert!  This is Meadow Lake's community communication system, used for emergency alerts as well as day-to-day notices about local situations affecting you.  There is no cost to you, and you can be completely anonymous.

You can subscribe to Voyent-Alert! by your choice of

  • text message
  • mobile app
  • email
  • landline

Click to lean more!

Be self-sufficient!  Everyone needs to be prepared to look after their own needs for at least 3 days (72 hours)

Kits should contain items that meet the basic survival needs: food, water, warmth, hygeine, medications, communications, and more

Each family, has their own unique mix of needs to meet in their disaster preparations.  It is important to carefully consider what each person (and pets) will need to stay healthy and comfortable

During Emergency Preparedness Week, the City will be offering a range of pre-packaged kits for sale, including:

  • Basic Individual Grab-And-Go-Kits
  • Deluxe Kits
  • Pet Kits
  • Roadside Emergency Kits
  • Survival Manual

Sale starts Monday May 3rd, and ends May 17!

Kits will be available for pickup mid June

See the "Buy A Ready-Made Kit" Tab, Below!

Purchase options

  • By phone
    • City Hall 306-236-3622, ext 0
    • Aquatic Centre 306-236-2686, ext 1
  • In person:  
    • City Hall 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday
    • Aquatic Centre 4:00-9:00 PM Monday through Friday

Be informed!  Although in our region, we aren't at risk from volcanoes, earthquakes or landslides, disasters can and do occur.

Know the risks, and be prepared

These websites have further great reading:

The city's website

Get Prepared Canada

Red Cross


Special Guests!  

Join us on Saturday May 8th at 7:00 pm CST for a live-stream Youtube event

Anne DanielsonEmergency Management Specialist, played a leading role in the formation of Meadow Lake's Emergency Management Organization. An inspiring speaker and an engaging facilitator, Anne's talk will be as fun as it is informing! Read more at https://www.boltfromthebluemanagement.com/

Cathy Steeves, Fort McMurray’s United Way Executive Director will share her experiences with real life emergencies, most notably the 2016 evacuations resulting from devastating forest fires.  (See https://www.rmwb.ca/en/fire-and-emergency-services/emergency-management.aspx)

View this presentation on the City’s YouTube channel

Video links will be also be posted on facebook.com/CityofMeadowLake/

If you have questions for our guest speakers during the presentation, you can email firechief@meadowlake.ca 

No, the video isn't 72 hours long!  (It's barely 5 minutes!)  

But the tips shared will last a lifetime...

Educational posters were placed at various locations around the city, and clues were announced daily on Voyent-Alert

Each poster was linked to a different contest entry quiz, with winners drawn daily

Here are the clues... the posters are now taken down, but you could solve them just for fun!

The clues:

  1. A place for races; 

  1. Lots of water inside this place; 

  1. Behind the bear, the moose and the eagle. 

  1. A popular bulletin board; 

  1. The place of weekly fresh farm produce; 

  1. Where football happens; 

  1. "Inch by inch, row by row..."; 

  1. 5 legs, 4 feet, a tail and a hat; 

  1. Where dogs run free; 

  1. Bookworm hotspot; 

  1. Bronco Barn; 

  1. Where the outdoor Zamboni lives; 

  1. I stand over 100 feet tall  

  1. A light atop a hill  

  1. Come read about Peter Fidler 

 Sign up today! (Receive notices by text message or smartphone app.  No fees, no risks, no tracking!)

With Voyent Alert! you receive timely notifications of situations that affect you, where you live and work, including

  • Emergency notifications and vital instructions for your safety:
    • Evacuation
    • Shelter-in-place
    • Areas to avoid
    • Other immediate actions
  • Service disruptions near your home or workplace
    • Road closures
    • Water breaks
    • Boil-water orders
  • Local community notices and advisories
    • Program and facility changes
    • Announcements from Council
    • COVID-19 updates
    • Lost dogs
    • Crime prevention
    • Other news
  • And more!

Voyent Alert!  is a Canadian company, with a growing list of subscribing communities across the country.

Signing up to receive alerts is FREE, EASY and SECURE!  You can receive alerts by any of 4 methods:

Sign up today, and encourage your friends, family and co-workers to sign up as well!

For Your Convenience... Some pre-packaged emergency kits to get you started

Purchase options

  • By phone:
    • City Hall 306-236-3622, ext 0
    • Aquatic Centre 306-236-2686, ext 1
  • In person:  
    • City Hall 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday
    • Aquatic Centre 4:00-9:00 PM Monday through Friday

1. Basic Personal Grab-and-Go bag  $29.99

The bare essentials to keep you fed, watered, warm and hygeinic!  

Small enough to take with you wherever you go, with room for additional personal items.

2. Deluxe Kits for 1, 2 or 4 persons 

  • 1-Person $154.99
  • 2-Person $174.99
  • 4-Person $234.99

These backpacks are stuffed with a wide range of items to help you and your family stay comfortable and healthy during an evacuation or other disaster situation.

Compact enough to keep in a handy spot by the front door!

Includes the Meadow Lake Disaster Preparedness manual and documentation package  and a hardcover copy of the Canadian Survival Manual (see item 5)

3. Pet Kits!  $49.99

Don't leave the dogs and cats out of your emergency plans!

This kit contains some basic essentials for taking care of your pets in a stressful situation

4. Vehicle Kits $ 59.99

Don't be left cold if you're stranded in on the road!

This kit contains basic items to help you stay warm, or perhaps get back on the road

5. Canada's best preparedness & survival manual  $16.00

This is likely one of the BEST handbooks available, written by a Canadian for Canadians!

David Arama has collaborated with Les Stroud and other emergency-survival educators.  He also owns and runs the WSC Survival School in Cloyne, Ontario.

This book contains a wealth of practical, tips that absolutely anyone can make use of!

Prices do not include sales taxes.

Sale Starts May 3, 2021 and closes May 17 2021

Orders will be ready for pickup mid-June 2021

Check back Monday to place your orders online or at city hall!

Purchase options

  • By phone:
    • City Hall 306-236-3622, ext 0
    • Aquatic Centre 306-236-2686, ext 1
  • In person:  
    • City Hall 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday
    • Aquatic Centre 4:00-9:00 PM Monday through Friday

Please tell us what you thought of this week's event!

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2. Tell us your thoughts about emergency kits

3. Tell us what you'd like to see in future!